by Robert E. Howard and John Watkiss (Jan 25, 2011)


Lavishly illustrated by award-winning artist John Watkiss and featuring miscellanea, informative essays, and a fascinating introduction by acclaimed historical author Scott Oden, Sword Woman and Other Historical Adventures is a must-have for every fan of Robert E. Howard, who, in a career spanning just twelve years, won a place in the pantheon of great American writers.

swordwoman sparrow flyinroom

Sword Woman and Other Historical Adventures

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John Watkiss (Jun 9, 2009)


Renowned anatomy master John Watkiss brings his celebrated commercial and fine arts works to the Sparrow series! Enjoy this collection of art hand-picked by Watkiss and series editor/designer Ashley Wood.

Sparrow Volume 11: John Watkiss

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by John Watkiss (Jun 22, 2007)


A unique cinematic approach to life drawing and anatomy, that is universally applicable throughout many art disciplines.


A "Fly in the room" tour around an illustrated life model, from generalized musculature to particular rendition.


Covers many aspects throughout the drawing process breaking down composition into the micro and macro aspects of illustration.

Fly In The Room Anatomy

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by John Watkiss (2 Feb 2006)


John Watkiss on Anatomy is an aesthetic exposition on the approach to understanding compositional and latinized placement of musculature in the human form.


John Watkiss on Anatomy

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by John Watkiss (2 Feb 2006)


Garment Construction - Jacket & Pants, introduces the "1, 2, 5" dynamic compositional method of understanding the underlying approach to drawing clothing.




Garment Construction - Jacket & Pants

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by John Watkiss and Das Petrou (25 Oct 2005)


Ring of Roses is set in London in the 21st century, but it's a London we wouldn't recognize. The Church rules England with an iron hand but has begun to lose its grip. Times are tense. Then six high-powered priests are brutally murdered on the Thames. Samuel Waterhouse, the flamboyant barrister hired to investigate, soon realizes he is out of his depth.


Ring Of Roses

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Featuring Workshops by John Watkiss.


With many great workshops and features looking into the core principals of anatomy theory, from poses to muscle structure and everything in between.


Imagine FX Magazine - April 2013

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